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Top 10 FAQs
What must I do to qualify for a real estate license.
Does the Oregon Real Estate Agency have a reciprocal license agreement with my state/province?
How do I make my real estate license inactive (broker or property manager)?
I am licensed in a state that does not have a reciprocal license agreement with Oregon. How do I get an Oregon real estate broker license?
I want to manage rental real estate for property owners. Do I need a property manager license, a broker license, or both?
Does a license exam passed in another state transfer to meet Oregon's real estate license requirements?
After I bought my house, I learned from a neighbor that a previous occupant was murdered there. Shouldn't the broker have told me this before I bought the home?
How can I obtain a real estate salesperson license in Oregon?
Can I get a real estate license if I have a misdemeanor or felony crime on my record?
My parents have moved out of state, and they have rental properties they want me to manage for them. Do I need a property management license to do this?

Recently Added FAQs
As a broker or principal broker, what should I do when an appraiser asks about concessions or allowances made by a seller on a real estate transaction?
If a neighbor's tree falls and damages my building on my property, who is liable for the damage done to my building?
I'm a principal broker and want to license our company/agents to sell manufactured homes in all parks. What do I need to do?
I have a client that has an old wood stove. What the laws and rules about selling a home with a wood stove.
Do I need a real estate broker or principal broker license to sell timeshares in Oregon?
I am opening a new property management clients' trust account. I know I need to have the words "clients' trust account" on the checks. May I add additional language that will help identify the account?
I am a seller of property. I previously had a listing agreement with a broker, but then terminated the agreement. I subsequently sold my property on my own, and now the broker is demanding a commission. Am I required to pay the broker a commission?
If a principal broker always has all earnest money sent directly to an escrow company, is the principal broker required to have a clients' trust account?
What does it mean when a license is suspended?
What state agency regulates home owner associations or unit owner associations?

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